Documentaton - GENERICS - IPLDFEAT

[F,D] = IPLDFEAT(I) uses Dorko's IPLD SIFT code to compute frames F and descriptors D.


Detector ['DoG']

Detector type (DoG, Harris, Hessian, LoG).

Angle [0]

Do oriented keypoints.

Adapt [0] (incomplete and untested!!)

Do affine adaptation (implies 'Angle')

Frames [[]]

Compute descriptors of these frames. Due to a limitation of IPLD interface, no angle can be specified.

Magnif [[3]]

SIFT descriptor magnification factor. This parameter is compatible with VLFeat SIFT. For a frame of scale 1, Magnif=3 implies that the size of a spatial bin is 3 pixels. Since there are four of those along each dimension, this corresponds to a patch sioze of 12.

Verbosity [0]

  Verbosity level.