The latest version of Blocks is 0.11.

MATLAB Installation

Blocks requires the following software to be somewhere on your MATLAB path in order to run:

Download and unpack the latest Blocks distribution in a directory of your choice (e.g. ~/src/blocks). Let BLOCKSROOT denote this directory.

Blocks must be added to MATLAB search path by running the blocks_setup command found in the BLOCKSROOT directory. From MATLAB prompt enter

> blocks_setup

blocks_setup alters the search path for the current MATLAB session only (it does not save the changes). To make the change permanent, add the following fragment to your startup.m file:

p=pwd ;
blocks_setup ;
cd(p) ;
clear p

Alternatively, you can use the savepath command to save the updated search paths.

Repository access

Blocks is under active development. You can browse our Git repository or download it by

git clone git://

(This will require Git to be installed). The top of the master branch corresponds to the most recent version of Blocks, but is unstable.

We welcome contributions to both the documentation and the source code of Blocks. You can create patches against our Git repository and send them to us for inclusion in the next version. There are two ways to contribute. For minor changes, simply clone our public repository, as explained above. Once you have made and committed your changes locally, you can submit them to the project via e-mail using a command like git-format-patch:

git-format-patch origin

For major additions, we prefer to handle collaboration through github. Follow their tutorial to fork our project and submit your modifications using a pull request.